Ayame Jinguuji
Ayame Jinguuji-1
Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliation SDSC
Weapons Modified Wheelchair
Japanese Voice Mai Aizawa

Ayame Jinguuji (神宮寺 菖蒲 Jingūji Ayame) is the head of the Ministry of Environment's Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division, during the Ga-Rei: Zero. After confrontation with Yomi, she is presumed to be dead, thus explaining why her grandmother, Mine Fujiko, returns to take her place as the head of the Ministry, however in the last episode she is seen alive.

Personality Edit

She is friendly and kind-hearted person with a relaxed air. Despite likable, she is very serious and earns her respect from her subordinates.

Background Edit

It is hinted in episode 11 that Ayame may be married (thus suggesting that Jinguji may actually be her husband's family name). She is shown taking out a ring and a photograph of her before she became crippled, holding onto a man whose face is not shown. During her confrontation with Yomi, Ayame states that she once killed someone more important to her, hinting that her husband may have suffered corruption himself and was killed by her.