Kagura Tsuchimiya
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Affiliation SDCD
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Weapons Byakuei
Japanese Voice Minori Chihara
English Voice Leah Clark

Kagura Tsuchimiya (土宮 神楽) is the main heroine of the manga. She is a feisty and ambitious and can put up a good fight with her Byakuei who is in the form of a dragon. She controls him from the seal on her back and a long binding chain that is connected to her and, so the pain that Byakuei feels also effects her as well. She is stronger and motivated because of the support that Kensuke Nimura gives her. She obviously has feelings for Kensuke as she gets jealous when Shizuru and Kensuke are spotted alone together and she's shocked when Kyouko tells her that she should go out with Kensuke if she's worried about him. She calls him Ken-chan. Although she initially treats Shizuru Imawano as a rival, they become close. She lost her memories after temporarily becoming the host for the Kyuubi (in which Kensuke freed her from). Eventually she regains her memories and triggers the return of Yomi Isayama.