Kouji Iwahata
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Affiliation SDCD
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color White
Weapons Various firearms
Japanese Voice Tetsu Inada
English Voice Phil Parsons

Kouji Iwahata (岩端) is an agent of the Ministry of Environment's Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division who leads the field team.

Appearance Edit

He is a very tall and muscular old man, with a gray mohawk hairstyle, a short beard, and mustache. A long, thin scar runs down across the left side of his face and across his left eye. A similar scar runs sideways across his face, from one cheek to the other, crossing the other scar below his left eye. He has white eyes, with no visible pupuls.

Personality Edit

Some of the more comedic moments both in the manga and anime suggest that he may be homosexual. He is an ex-soldier, and was hired by a mercenary corporation until the agency recruited him for his ability to sense spirits.

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow Kouji Iwahata shares face similarities as Rindo Urushiba from Tokyo ESP
  • In the Manga Rindo Urushiba is the brother of Kouji Iwahata.
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