Lord Tamamo
Race Evil Spirit
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Affiliation None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Weapons Various sorcery
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Lord Tamamo is the successor to the Kyuubi, she is the mastermind behind the sesshōseki-related incidents that have occurred, and Kazuhiro's overlord. She used to be a demon-user who became an evil spirit of incredible power after death. She is first identified in chapter 19, when Kazuhiro removes Kagura's and Kensuke's souls and takes them to Tamamo Garden. When Kagura attacks him, Tamamo intervenes and reveals herself. Tamamo tells them to fight and search for the ten sesshōseki, and that the one who collects them all will control the Kyuubi, and be its true successor. Lord Tamamo doesn't seem to have a discernible personality, and appears quite inhuman.