Nabu Brothers
Race Human
Gender Males
Age Unknown
Affiliation SDCD
Weapons Various firearms
Japanese Voice Norio Wakamoto

Nabū and Nabū are a pair of twin brothers, and members of the field team led by Kouji Iwahata.

Personality Edit

Both brothers tend to finish each other's sentences. Because they look identical, it leads some of their teammates to confusion.

Background Edit

Two large twin brothers who both have the same name, as they come from a culture that give twins the same name. An omake in volume 5 of the manga states that the Nabus are part of the San people from Africa, further confirmed in their character page on the anime's official website. According to the omake, they lost their home and family to war.

Plot Edit

In the manga, only one of the Nabu brothers appears (as a minor character with no lines) since the other one was killed by Ranguren in Ga-Rei: Zero. The surviving Nabu was later killed during the Juugondō's attack on the Agency, after trying to protect Fujiko Mine from enemy fire.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nobu Brothers might possibly be related to Nabeshima.